We look forward to welcoming you to our locations! Over the past period, we have made our offices as safe and healthy as possible by implementing various measures in the general, communal and meeting rooms. Of course we continue to follow all developments closely and we work according to government guidelines.

In this FAQ we answer frequently asked questions. Do you have questions that are not listed? Please contact our Rental department by phone on 088 099 1010 or by email at


What measures has Tauro taken?

The new one and a half meter office

  • We have redesigned our general and common areas based on the one and a half meter standard.
  • A route plan has been established for each building that guides everyone through the building in a safe and logical manner. We do this with the help of stickers.
  • 'Safe zone' stickers have been placed in places where people come together, such as the Coffee Lounge, Ondernemerslounge and pantries.
  • We show the new rules that apply in the building on information stickers.



  • The same measures have been taken for renting meeting space as for 'the new one and a half meter office'.
  • Our meeting rooms have been redesigned based on the one and a half meter standard. Note the adjusted maximum number of people allowed per meeting room.
  • Drinks are served at an appropriate distance.


Hygiene measures

  • We are intensifying cleaning and disinfection based on the guidelines of the RIVM.
  • Disinfectants are placed in each building at the entrance and elevators.
  • Plexiglass screens have been installed at all receptions.
  • Sanitary ware, door handles, banisters, light and lift switches, taps, counters and coffee machines are cleaned extra.


What can I do myself to prevent infection with the coronavirus?

You are responsible for following the standard measures of the RIVM.


I would like to make an appointment to view an office space, is that possible?

Yes, we are happy to receive you. Of course taking into account the standard measures of the RIVM and with a maximum of 2 people.

Can I still work flexibly (membership) at Tauro?

We have created safe zones around flexible workplaces for working.

What should I do if someone in my organization becomes infected with the coronavirus?

If someone within your organization becomes infected with the coronavirus, we ask you to report this to us by sending an email to


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