Flex Office

An addition to your business

Entering into a longer term contract is often financially attractive. However, one disadvantage of this is that your company becomes more static. Taura offers the perfect solution: a Flex Office. This way, you, as a start-up or self-employed business without staff can save on the cost of business premises and avoid traffic jams. Flexible office space rental at an amazing price advantage!

Plus points of a Flex Office include:

• 40-hour workspace per month
• free telephone service subscription
• discount on conference and meeting rooms at all Tauro offices

At Tauro, efficiency and transparency are paramount. With Flex Office, you can enjoy all the advantages Tauro has to offer. Make the most of the plus points of renting a flexible office space.



Flex office

Flex Space without a lease?

At our Smart Work Centres, we also offer you the option to rent flexible workspaces without long-term leases. We provide you the space to work in a flexible way. You decide where you sit and with whom you work. Should you need an office, you can simply take a seat in one of the office units or quiet booths provided. If you would like to know more about the use of a Flex Space at Tauro, take a look at our Smart Work Centres page or contact us!

You only pay for the facilities you use. Fair and efficient. Flexible office space rental includes so much more than our rental prices for business space would suggest. You enjoy all the benefits of having an office in a top location. Renting business space is a step towards business success and has to be carefully considered.

If you would like to know exactly which facilities and services suit your situation, ask us to contact you or request our brochure.


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Reasons to pick Tauro!

  • Leases by the m²
  • Flexible leasing with little notice
  • Growth and down-size opportunities
  • Prestigious addresses
  • Your own VLAN connection
  • Excellent accessibility, by public transport and by car
  • On-site parking
  • Smart Work Centre
  • Tauro Membership
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